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Increase for kiwi volumes and more to plan for next years

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Kiwi season in Italy usually starts in November and continues till May, but not for JINGOLD S.P.A., who also grow in southern hemisphere, where they start in May and end in October. Marketing and sales manager Moreno Armuzzi shares with Fructidor forecasts on kiwi volumes.

“Volume for our patented variety yellow kiwi Jintao was increased around 30% more comparing to last year”, - explains Mr. Armuzzi. “We forecast continuously increasing in the next few years as we are planting additional orchards”. Yellow kiwi is a unique and inimitable fruit, for which JINGOLD holds the exclusive world patent. It is the product of a natural selection program, carried out by international botanical institutes with the cooperation of Udine University.

Company also increases volumes for green kiwi Boerica and Hayward, sold with the brand Jingold. “This year we have also launched red kiwi on the market - Oriental red. We has full range of kiwis, volumes are increasing and we have all year round supply chain thanks to our orchards in Chile”, - finishes Moreno.

Jingold is already famous in Europe and continues to develop overseas markets like Asia, Middle East and Americas.

To try yellow Jintao, green Hayward and Boerica and new one Oriental red visit company’s stand at Fruit Logistica in Berlin Hall 2.2 A-02 (6-8 February 2019).

For contact:

tel. +39 0547 317476

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