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Italy 23/05/2019

UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0, a more accurate version

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In Spain the cherry season has already started but this year the context is complicated with persistent rains. But the packaging sites that UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 have chosen, a technology for processing and quality selection, have very satisfactory results.
The UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0, the enhanced version of the Cherry Vision 2.0 technology, is the latest step in cherry quality selection. In addition to allowing cherries to be selected for size, color and consistency, the technology achieves levels of reliability never seen before. This technology is able to detect cracks or lesions on the bottom of the fruit (so-called "apical" damage) with extreme precision: a very important and even essential technology during a cherries season unfortunately characterized by heavy rains.
Cherry Vision 3.0, fully developed by UNITEC's Research & Development department, is equipped with very high resolution cameras, which scan 100% of the surface of cherries and are able to have a complete vision of the fruit, even in its most hidden parts.
Thanks to this UNITEC technology, packing sites can obtain lots of cherries with a level of homogeneity that was previously difficult to imagine and almost inaccessible during a rainy season: uniformity of quality inside the packaging and uniformity of quality from one package to another.
This consistency of quality leads to a loyalty among consumers who will never be disappointed and who will multiply their purchases. The use of Cherry Vision 3.0 technology also opens up new opportunities to provide markets far away from the treatment site by selecting only fruits suitable for long-distance travel.




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Cherry Vision 3.0 is more accurate than the previous version and, according to a customer comment "Buy Cherry Vision 3.0 is not a whim, but a necessity!"
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