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France 13/09/2019

France Allium: An ultra modern station in the Loiret inaugurated in June 2019 to register sustainably in the future.

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After 12 months of work, 2 months of adjustment and an investment of 12.5 million euros, the B.C.O. / France On 5 June, Allium inaugurated the opening of its new high-tech packaging plant: 8500m2 of buildings dedicated to garlic / onion / shallot / echalion range.
 Or how to cultivate, produce, condition virtuously by taking societal expectations into account and respecting the biodiversity of its production area located in the Loire valley region.
45 employees, 53 producers, know-how and advanced equipment to enhance the production of allium bulbs.
Optical sorters and infrared cameras to study bulb by bulb onions and determine the best use for consumption.
Automated flow management for full traceability from field to plate.
Temperature controlled for maximum storage conditions.
Storage capacity of 10,000 tons for 12 months supply 12.
Realized thanks to co-financing from the European Union and a Regional Development Fund, this new site can now be optimally and specifically targeted to all types of markets in France and abroad.
On France Allium
The company is a specialist in the production and marketing of allium bulbs for over 40 years (onion, garlic, shallot, echalion) is present in all market segments (Wholesale Networks - Large Distribution - Export - Industry)
For more info:
Responsible for sales administration
Marketing Manager

Tel : 02 38 39 09 62

 Mob : 06 74 89 71 79


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Cooperative Group B.C.O. and France Allium at the inauguration
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