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Argentina 21/08/2020

First shipments of Argentine lemons to China

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After twenty years of negotiations between Argentina and China, two weeks ago the first shipment of Argentine lemons arrived in the city of Guangzhou with 24 tons of San Miguel’s fruit.


The protocol to open the Chinese market for Argentine lemons was signed in December 2019 between the Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina and the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC). The first shipment of fresh lemon, shipped from Buenos Aires on June 30, arrived at the port of Hong Kong and was later transported by land to Guangzhou for sale.


San Miguel, producer of fresh fruits and products derived from citrus fruits, exports a total amount of 139,2 tons (9,280 boxes) in this first season, which are shipped to the Asian country during this month. Part of the shipments were sent through the Valparaíso port in Chile. The company used this route before to reach the continent by the Pacific Ocean with a shorter transit-time.


The shipment of Argentine lemons is a good growth opportunity for the whole sector. The product arrives at a very convenient moment because there is no Chinese production at this time of summer.


Company’s lemons will be sold in Jiangnan wholesale market, online retail stores and teashops located in the south of China.


Juan Martín Hilbert, Regional Commercial Manager for America and Asia, said, “These tea shops are very popular in China, and lemon is one of the main ingredients that they use to flavor the infusion. The 138 caliber, a smaller size, is the Chinese consumer’s favorite since it fits perfectly in the coup of tea.”


San Miguel is one of the world's leading fruit and vegetable companies. As the largest lemon exporter of Argentina and the Southern Hemisphere, the company has established itself as a leading company in the production and processing of lemon over the years.


Visit their website to get more information company’s products.



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Argentine lemons hit China
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