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Italy 08/07/2021

Macfrut, the 2021 event in person and in complete safety

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After a year and a half of virtual relationships, the fresh produce sector will meet again at Macfrut, scheduled for September 7 to 9 in Rimini. One of the key points of the 2021 edition will be safety, for exhibitors and visitors alike, but also novelties such as the celebrations for the International Year of Fruits & Vegetables,
Macfrut 2021 will be held from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 September at the Rimini exhibition center. The show will take place face to face and many events will take place there such as the celebration of the International Year of Fruits & Vegetables.
One of the key points of the 2021 edition will be safety. The slowdown in the pandemic and the vast global vaccination campaign are creating the conditions for a return to normalcy, and the introduction of the health certificate / passport allows travel to Europe to resume. In addition, business travelers coming from a non-European country are exempt from quarantine if they arrive in Italy with a negative test and remain in the country for a period not exceeding 120 hours (5 days). This period may be extended by a few days for justified professional reasons.
To these regulatory provisions Macfrut adds another element to protect exhibitors and visitors: the show will be “Covid-free”, because the health certificate / passport will be essential to access the event. Those who do not have it can take a rapid antigen test at the 2 entrances to the Rimini exhibition center.
According to the organizers, the desire to meet face-to-face and the general improvement in the situation have led to an acceleration in reservations.
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The whole sector will meet at Macfrut 2021 from September 7 to 9.
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