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Serbia 25/10/2021

Serbian apple production forecast to increase

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In Serbia apples represent 1/3 of the national fruit production. This year, with the production volume increasing (+ 5%) and the international market situation, greater diversification of destination markets is necessary.
The apple harvest is almost finished in Serbia and the 1st estimates point to an increase in production of around + 5% compared to last year. Zoran Keserovic, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, predicts that the total 2021 production will be between 530,000 and 540,000 tonnes. Exports could generate between 550 and 560 million USD.
According to Zoran Keserovic, Serbian producers will face a lot of competition in traditional export markets. In the EU, apple production is expected to grow by + 10% with a total of 11.3 million tonnes produced and therefore only high quality Serbian production can be sold in these markets. Russia, another traditional market, has tightened its demands and this has not helped to increase the volume of Serbian apples exported.
Professor Keserovic advises Serbian producers to look to other markets, such as the Middle East, where Serbian fruits are already exported, but also to Africa. Some Serbian producers have already planned new markets and will export apples to India for the first time.
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The increasing production and the situation of the international market will lead Serbian professionals to diversify the destination markets (Photo:
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