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China 17/11/2021

China adds entry points for fruit imported from Thailand

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GACC, the General Administration of Customs of China, has released an update to the rules for fruit imports from Thailand. With this update, more entry points in China and exit points in Thailand are authorized, in order to alleviate the current traffic problems.
The number of fruit entry ports increased to 10 entry points in China, i.e. 6 additional entry points and Thailand added 1 additional exit point.
According to Rachada Dhnadirek, spokesperson for the Thai government, this new protocol will facilitate shipments by land and increase the volumes of fruit exported to China.
According to data from MOFCOM, Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the fruit trade between China and Thailand continues to expand and for the 1st half of 2021, Thai fruit exports to China were 2.42 billion USD, an increase of + 71.11% compared to the same period of the previous year.
Thailand has 22 varieties of fruit that can be exported to China
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China is adding entry points for fruit from Thailand, such as these durians which are packaged before shipment to the Chinese market (Photo: BAAC /
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