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Poland 28/06/2022

Polish manufacturer refines environment-friendly packaging for fresh produce

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Among dozens of solutions presented in the market nowadays, the ones offered by SoFruPak deserve to take a closer look at. 

In a recent interview for Fructidor, Adam Sikorski, Commercial Director, explained that SoFruPak uses only renewable raw materials and water-based paints and adhesives for its packaging production. 

“That is why our packaging is 100% biodegradable within 24 weeks - which makes it one of the most ecological packaging in the EU. The quality and our innovative solutions have been appreciated by experts at international fairs, who have given us numerous awards.”, says the Director.

Considering unique specifications of each fruit or veg, the manufacturer offers solutions even for the most capricious ones.

“The impact of the packaging on the shelf life of the fruit is very important and depends on what kind of fruit we want to pack. For example, strawberries are fast-selling fruits, and what we offer is an open-top packaging or with the lid (for supermarkets). They also need ventilation holes because their cooling process and air flow inside the package have a positive effect on the quality. Asparagus or herbs do not need ventilation, so that they do not dry out, and in this case we offer solutions without vent holes.”, continues Sikorski.

According to the Director, SoFruPak ​​was one of the first to introduce ecological packaging in the EU: “We are the ones who showed trends and innovative solutions as well as the use of renewable raw materials in the production of packaging. Now others are following us, sometimes trying to illegally counterfeit our proprietary technical solutions.”

SoFruPak prides itself for the persuasive list of clients: Biedronka, Carrefour, Kaufland, Lidl, among others. 

“We sell our packages to clients from all EU countries, and last fall we sent the first container with our packages to Chile. Every year we receive double orders from individual fruit producers who want to distinguish their fruits with nice and ecological packaging. Certainly, our dynamic sales are greatly influenced by the changing laws in some EU countries (Plastic Free) and the growing environmental awareness of consumers.”, highlights Sikorski.


In order to meet the increasing demand, the company had to expand its machine line. Now, with a capacity of 250.000 pcs per day (depending on the type of packaging), SoFruPak is one of the largest European producers of packaging with the lids, according to the Director. 

“We're constantly working on new ideas. I can already say that our Innovation Department is working on the new packaging that we will present soon. I'm very pleased that by listening to our clients' needs, we continue to develop and offer innovative ideas. I can't wait to introduce those revolutionary solutions to our customers in the next season. This year we will participate in all major EU fairs if there are no restrictions.”, concludes Adam Sikorski.



If you are a fruit supplier and wish to shift to a more sustainable packaging or obtain more inofrmation about SoFruPak, send your inquiry






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SoFruPak prides itself for the persuasive list of clients: Biedronka, Carrefour, Kaufland, Lidl, among others.
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