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Senegal 15/09/2022

Concern over the availability and price of onions

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Senegal, which produces onions, also imports them after its production period. This year due to a reduction in production capacity in Europe, the supply from exports is less and prices are rising.
In Senegal, given the low availability of local onion stocks on the market, it was decided to open imports on August 13th.
The Netherlands supplies around 90% of the onions imported by Senegal. Senegalese professionals believe that onion prices will continue to rise due to a reduction in production capacity due to the heat wave in Europe and delivery capacity due to various logistical difficulties (lack of containers, increase in the cost of ocean freight).
Morocco is Senegal's other traditional supplier. But, according to Senegalese professionals, Moroccan exporters raised their prices after seeing the increase in Senegalese demand for onions.
The price of onions is likely to remain at a high level on the Senegalese market.
source : lequotidien sn 
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Senegal has started to import onions, but these imports are not enough to bring down prices on the Senegalese market for a long time (Photo:
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