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Belgium 20/09/2022

Potato production expected to decline by 7-11% in the NEPG zone

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NEPG (North-Western Potato Growers) brings together the national organizations of 4 Western European countries (Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands). The latest estimates predict lower production, some quality issues and a potentially difficult upcoming storage season.
According to NEPG (North-Western Potato Growers/North-West European Potato Growers Group) estimates, overall potato production in the NEPG zone will be down 7-11% this year.
The final area in the NEPG zone will be 510,938 hectares, representing an overall increase of 3.2% compared to last year, and an increase of 1.7% compared to the average of the last 5 years. Production is expected to be between 20 and 21 million tonnes in the NEPG zone.
After a long and unusually very dry and hot summer, potato production estimates have been reduced throughout the NEPG zone. The situations vary according to the countries and regions: farmers in Belgium and France being the most affected (about 20% less for Belgians) while Dutch farmers are less affected.
The potatoes are smaller and the yield per hectare is lower. The few problems noted, in terms of quality, raise fears of a difficult and more expensive next storage season.
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The hot and dry summer of 2022 caused a drop in yield and the total production in the NEPG zone is expected to be between 20 and 21 million tonnes (Photo:
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