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All countries 26/08/2020

Fructidor Pre Post Harvest directory soon to be published – don’t miss your chance to be included

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Since 1935, Fructidor directories are the daily working tools for thousands of Fruit & Veg professionals worldwide. As our customers say: “Fructidor directories are the only books that people still use, all others have disappeared but one still finds Fructidor directories on every fresh produce buyer’s desk”, others call it "The Bible" of fruit and vegetable."


The next edition of Fructidor Pre Post Harvest & Logistics will be published soon. It will present all companies offering equipments and services for Pre Harvest, Packing House & Post Harvest. It also contains the Transport & Logistics companies worldwide.


All directories include only companies, whose contact details have been manually verified by Fructidor team, one after one..


Why advertising in Fructidor directories works better?

- Circulation 31 000 copies. Each directory is used by different people in the company from sales to CEO

- Higher circulation thanks to additional distribution during shows in Spain, France, Italy, Germany

- The unique Worldwide Industry Experts database with up-to-date information

- Represents your company on all worldwide trade shows where Fructidor exhibits.

- Your Ad exposure is much longer than any other print media. A magazine is read maximum once and is thrown away. Fructidor is daily used during 1-3 years (yes, some companies really use directories up to 3 years or give them to others. We have even seen some collection of Fructidor directories.


Prices are very affordable and you will also receive 1 year online access to the database. Deadline for booking is August 17th, 2020. Will be printed and first introduced in October at Fruit Attraction in Madrid.



Contact your country manager to check preferential positions availability

and book your page!

Christophe Durrieu Whatsap: +33 680 38 14 46





GOLD Member
Gold Members
France Aromave Sarl - France - 1. Coriander - 2. Curly parsley - 3. Fresh aromatic herbs
Italy Ortalba Srl. - Italy - 1. Lime - 2. Onion - 3. Orange
Kenya Go Foods Ltd - Kenya - 1. Avocados - 2. Mango - 3. Bean
Netherlands (the) Sweet & Fresh B.V. - Netherlands (the) - 1. Lemon - 2. Orange - 3. Red fruits
Spain Karma Produce S.L. - Spain - 1. Lemon - 2. Clementine - 3. Cucumber
Hong Kong Dory Agricultural Co., Limited - Hong Kong - 1. Asparagus - 2. Garlic - 3. Ginger
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The next edition of Fructidor Pre Post Harvest & Logistics will be published soon
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