11/06/2019 | South Africa

Production of grapefruit recessed

In South Africa, the grapefruit season has now reached half of its time, and industry professionals in the Grapefruit Focus Group have reduced their forecasts for this 2019 harvest.
For this 2019 harvest, the initial planned volume was 17.1 million boxes (15kg) but according to Grapefruit Focus Group the estimate is now 15.4 million boxes (15kg). This decline in production will lead to a decrease in the volume of exports.
According to SHAFFE data, taken by CGA (Citrus Growers' Association) South Africa is in 2019 the second producer of citrus fruit in the southern hemisphere with 2.79 million tons, behind Argentina with 2.82 million tons. South Africa remains the largest exporter of citrus fruit in the southern hemisphere with an increase of 1% to 1.94 million tonnes. The second place is Chile (around 352,000 tonnes) and Argentina (around 334,000 tonnes).


source : cga.co.za

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