04/07/2019 | Pakistan

The effects of climate change will affect the production of mangoes

In Pakistan, horticultural experts estimate that a significant drop in production is expected in the Sindh and Punjab regions. The drop is estimated at 30% this year but could worsen in the future and reach 45 to 50%.
The Mango Research Institute estimated crop losses to be around 30% due to the effects of climate change. The prolonged winter, late flowering, winds and hail storms damaged crops, and extreme temperatures (47 ° C) precipitated maturity and affected fruit quality. Horticulture experts estimate that a significant drop in mango production in the Sindh and Punjab regions is expected this year.
According to an official report, Pakistan is the 7th most vulnerable country to the effects of climate change. The Mango Growers Cooperative Society's chairman, Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi, said recently that mango production could drop by 45 to 50 percent. Due to the rising costs of production and the multiplication of diseases caused by these abnormal weather conditions.
Pakistan is the world's fourth largest producer of mangos behind India, China and Thailand. The country produces 8% of mangoes worldwide and exports mainly to the Middle East, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom.


source : thenews.com.pk, brecorder.com

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