19/12/2019 | New Zealand

Kiwi fruit exports are forecast to increase by 8.6 %

The outlook is positive for the primary sector in New Zealand. Exports are reaching record levels and are expected to further increase.
In its latest report, the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) shows record results, with revenues up by 3.3% from the previous year, which should reach NZD 47.9 billion for the current year, until June 2020.
For the Minister of Agriculture, the horticultural sector could become the 3rd largest industry in the primary sector in value, going beyond forestry. Exports of kiwi fruit alone are expected to increase by 8.6% to NZD 2.5 billion.
In front of the fruit and vegetables is the meat-wool sector (NZD 10.4 billion) as well as the dairy products sector (NZD 19.6 billion).
The high and sustained growth in primary industry exports should continue over the next 2 years, the ministry assured.



source : newshub.co.nz




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