21/09/2021 | Netherlands (the)

Reusable folding trays: the most sustainable solution for fresh produce

In more than 25 years, Euro Pool System has grown into one of the leading logistics service providers for reusable standard packaging in Europe. A success that Euro Pool System shares with all parties in the chain.


Producers, carriers, traders, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of their reusable crates and pallets every day: they are strong, readily available, stackable, clean, traceable and 100% recyclable. With an extensive network of service centers throughout Europe, Euro Pool System ensures that the valuable fresh products of its producers and suppliers arrive at their destination - read: supermarket – efficiently, sustainably and undamaged. The company helps their partners to improve the sustainability of the fresh produce chain. Opting for reusable packaging implies a conscious choice for a sustainable supply chain.


Euro Pool System aims to be the leader in innovation and initiatives to further optimize food supply chains in Europe. The company is further investing in digital solutions to enable visibility of fresh logistics in the supply chain. 


Therefore, the company is developing the digitized tracking system which will include barcodes for each tray, thus making their service more efficient and simpler to close the loop.


For more information about Euro Pool System, see the website


For contact: info.nl@europoolsystem.com 

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