15/04/2022 | England

A short-term shortage that risks being followed by a glut of tomatoes

The sharp rise in energy prices has driven up the cost of operating greenhouses. The halt in production this winter has led to a shortage of tomatoes, but this shortage should be followed by an overabundance.
Greenhouses are essential for the local production of various vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and root vegetables. But natural gas, electricity and diesel are needed to operate for heating, maintenance and sprinkler systems. These inputs recorded price increases of between +100% and +400% compared to the prices recorded in 2021.
These sharp increases have forced some British growers to give up their crops, which require more heat and light, during the winter season. This resulted in a shortage of products.
Producers who plant later in the season will have a later production, which will maintain the shortage in the short term but which then risks generating an overabundance of products in mid-season, predicted Philip Morley, horticulturist and technical manager. of the BTGA (British Tomato Growers' Association).
The shortage of tomatoes is such that McDonald's, the fast food chain, uses only 1 slice of tomato instead of 2 slices in burgers sold in the UK.
The annual consumption of the British is estimated at 500,000 tonnes of tomatoes, of which 1/5th is produced in the country.
source : express.co.uk, mintecglobal.com
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