15/07/2022 | Poland

Quality tomatoes and cauliflowers ready for shipping across Europe

Vegeland is a fruit and veg exporter from Poland that supplies the European Union and the Eastern European countries.


According to Lukasz Zabiega, general director, the ongoing campaigns of both cauliflower and tomato are developing quite successfully in terms of product quality, however the company is facing an issue of inconsistent demand. 


“This is the first time in the last 7 years that we didn't sign contracts for regular deliveries, unfortunately. Expectations of clients and producers are very different. We work on weekly prices, but still there are more and more problems concerning buying and booking products. We also observe a decrease in export transactions, our main markets in the European Union are buying less from Poland which influences our turnover, and this is why now we are more active on the local Polish market. Apart from that, as a trading company we noticed much higher costs of transport due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. A lot of clients just canceled their orders.”, comments the director.

In July, Vegeland will continue supplying tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccolis and will also start with peppers. In autumn, the company will offer apples, cabbages, as well as organic produce.

If you wish to cooperate with Vegeland and obtain more details on their organic products, send your inquiry




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