15/09/2022 | USA

Near infrared spectroscopy for accurate quality assessment of kiwifruit

Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a key tool for measuring the internal qualities of fruit.

Recently, Felix Instruments, one of the largest developers and manufacturers of NIR quality meters worldwide, has shared a study performed by a group of scientists from New Zealand, "Interactions of Linearly Polarized and Unpolarized Light on Kiwifruit Using Aquaphotomics".

During the research, Damenraj Rajkumar, Rainer Künnemeyer, Harpeet Kaur, Jevon Longdell, and Andrew McGlon used aquaphotomics. Aquaphotomics is a new discipline that provides a framework for understanding changes in the molecular system of water. Using aquaphotomics, spectral changes between linearly polarized and unpolarized light were evaluated in 200 commercially grown yellow-fleshed kiwis. Measurements were made on different configurations of unpeeled and peeled kiwifruit using a portable NIR instrument, the F-750 Produce Quality Meter from Felix Instruments.

To read the full study, follow the link


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