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Egypt 05/11/2018

Growing demand on Egyptian oranges in Europe

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             Demand for Egyptian oranges in the international markets has increased significantly over the last ten years.


           Egypt remains the world’s sixth largest orange producer and the fourth largest orange exporter after Spain, South Africa and USA.


            The main export markets for Egyptian oranges are Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and China, however competitive prices and improving quality give the possibility to export more and more to Europe, even in Spain.


              With such a positive outlook for Egypt’s oranges it is no wonder exporters came to Fruit Attraction to present their production.



              “We are focusing on quality of our products, meeting all the required standards and using quality control measures and continuous improvement through research and innovation” – says Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Badawy, export specialist of MAPCO company, exporters, growers and packers of citrus and other fruits and vegetables. “This year after Fruits Logistica exhibition we opened new markets as Poland, Italy and Greece, so we came to Madrid with the aim to expand into European market.We increased our volume up to 6000 tons/year to cover increasing demand”



For more details:

Mediterranean Agricultural Products Co.


Mr. Ahmed Badawy

Mob.: +201 066 744 411


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