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Israel 10/01/2019

Good growth prospects in the North American market

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From the perspective of Israeli professionals, exports of mandarins to the US market could increase by about 70%.
In the last five seasons, Israel's citrus exports to North America increased from 3,000 tonnes to 9,000 tonnes last season, including 5,300 tonnes of easy-to-peel mandarins. This season, ORRI JAFFA mandarin exports alone are expected to reach 9,000 tonnes, a growth rate of 69.81%.
In the United States consumption of mandarins per capita is among the lowest in the world, with only 2.5 kg per year. This amount, along with the expected growth in demand, is expected to double. Such as Canada where consumption now exceeds 4.6 kg per capita.


source : breakingisraelnews com, prnewswire com 



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ORRI JAFFA mandarin is currently exported to 45 countries. Europe receives 78% of shipments, North America 18% and Asia Pacific 4%
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