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France 06/03/2019

MAF RODA : always at the forefront of innovation

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The MAF RODA team presented several new equipment at the 2019 edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin: the BI-AXONE grading machine for pears and robots FAST PACK and Line Pack for automatic packaging of apples, as well as all latest generation of MAF flagship electronics, the GLOBALSCAN G7 for external quality control of fruits.

            BI-AXONE Calibrator: this innovative and patented calibrator, developed especially for pears and more particularly the elongated varieties of Conference and Abate type. The mechanical and electronic system of the BI-AXONE makes it possible to control 100% of the external quality of the surface of the pear without forcing and to sort it by color, shape and stains. By combining this calibrator with the latest generation of IDD4 (Internal Defect Detection), it is possible to control the overall quality of the pear and ensure sorting and selection of products according to their needs and quality criteria. The BI-AXONE calibrator has been successfully tested with a Belgian customer, the Van Haelst company, specialist in pears conferences, which allows it to ensure its commercialization.
             «The FAST PACK automatic packaging robot, developed mainly for apple bushels, is able to orient the peduncular axis of the fruit, to look for its colored side according to the requirements of the operator and to position the fruit oriented in the cell. Its high rate allows our customers to benefit from an effective tool to sell a finished product of high quality, uniform and at a minimum cost. This type of robot can be connected to one or more calibrator outputs or fed directly by a single-caliber line dump. »- explains Fabrice BLANC, Export Sales Manager. The system is fully automated and has the most ergonomic user interface for getting started with the packaging orders to be prepared.
            The automatic packaging robot Line Pack, for its part, is presented for the first time in Berlin. It is designed for single-cell or 1-tier tray packaging on pre-calibrated product. The optical system positions the apples by means of orienters along their peduncular axis and with the most colored face on the top so as to compose the trays the best arranged and the most uniform possible. The filling of the cells or trays is carried out continuously by several robot heads in series.
               GLOBALSCAN G7: MAF RODA's flagship sorting electronics is still evolving with this new generation of multispectral system for all types of fruit: its principle of optical sorting is reinforced by the addition of information provided by the visible spectrum and by those extracted infrared wavelengths. It also allows with great precision to perform dimensional analysis to determine the diameter, length and shape of the product.
                INSIGHT 2T & 2RH, the internal quality control par excellence: this sensor in the near infrared allows the customer to autonomously perform through a calibration software simple and user-friendly classification of fruit according to the sugar level or BRIX index (apple, mango, cherry tomato, blueberry), acidity (citrus), maturity (mango) and dry matter (avocado, kiwi).
                 About MAF RODA: Having experienced the arboreal sector since 1905, MAF RODA AGROBOTIC continues to innovate to offer efficient electronic sorting, automation and packaging robotics solutions with the supply of turnkey systems for more than 40 years. Fruit and vegetable types in more than 60 countries, with the support of its subsidiaries and partners on every continent. The company holds numerous patents related to major technological developments that offer its customers the most advanced tools that best meet the requirements of their market.

Christophe Nivet
+33 05 63 63 27 70


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FAST PACK presented in Berlin Fruit Logistica
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