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Innovative thermo-reflective screen for berry production provided by ARRIGONI

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ARRIGONI S.p.A.,  Italian agrotextile manufacturer, has presented  new thermo-reflective screen for berry production that leads to the significant savings in volumes of used water and allows extending the activity of the plant.


White thermo-reflective screen with special additives to diffuse the light is essential in greenhouses for berry production. It can be installed in or above the structure and has many advantages.


White color allows to have the best result of homogeneous development and provides less losses and greater irradiation useful for photosynthesis. It also corrects level of light in days of less irradiation and does not cause the etiolation of the plants in periods of low light, it creates a cooler environment.


Plants can be less damaged by direct radiation thanks to the diffusion and reflection of infrared rays. In the chemical composition of the yarn of Prisma thermo-reflective screens there is an additive that increases light diffusion; this additive is a part of the mesh and the selective power does not change over time.


The screens could be installed both internally and externally and have better thermal performance compared to other nets with an equal or higher shading level and the particular texture does not capture the impurities in the air, keeping constant the shading power.


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