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Russia 10/06/2019

A Maersk cold warehouse in St. Petersburg

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This new cold warehouse will allow Maersk to offer complete solutions to Russian customers and thus better meet their specific needs. Storage has become as crucial as transportation.
Built by the Russian industrial developer PNK Group, the site is located in the Park Sofiyskaya KAD Park in St. Petersburg. It will have an area of ​​23,700 m2 and 35 docks capable of serving 200 trucks per day. The maximum storage capacity will be more than 50,000 tons and the warehouse fully managed by Maersk will employ more than 200 people. The facility will provide storage rooms for frozen (-25 ° C), refrigerated (+ 2 / + 8 ° C) and banana products, which require a specific temperature of + 13 ° C.
About 40% of the new warehouse will be occupied by Fyffes, one of Europe's leading fruit companies, the rest will be available to other fresh and frozen customers.
In 2018, fruit imports into Russia increased. Imports of bananas increased by 1%, citrus fruits by 7.4% and apples by almost 13.5% from the previous year. Experts expect fruit imports to continue to grow in the coming years as well. Since 2017, Russia has been the world's second largest importer of bananas, after the United States and ahead of Germany.


source : maersk com 

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A ceremony was held on the site of the new warehouse in the presence of Maersk CEO Søren Skou, Fyffes CEO David McCann and representatives of regional and federal Russian authorities.
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