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IBO SUMMIT will bring together professionals from the Blueberry sector

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IBO SUMMIT, the global meeting of blueberry professionals, will be held in Richmond, Canada. Continuous research, innovation and the popularity of blueberry are giving the sector new opportunities for growth and a bright blue future.
BC Blueberry Council, representing more than 600 producers and 30 packaging companies in British Columbia, will host the IBO SUMMIT, which runs June 24-26 in Richmond, BC, Canada.
IBO (International Blueberry Organization) is a global organization bringing together leaders from around the world in all segments of the blueberry industry, producers and marketers, affiliates and government organizations.
The event will bring together a large number of decision-makers and delegates from the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, China and other countries.



source: ibo summit org

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The Future is Bright Blue, the phrase summarising this year's IBO SUMMIT theme confirms the industry's confidence.
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