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France 14/06/2019

Preserve your perishable goods with Newsteo temperature recorders

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In order to protect thermosensitive products such as fruits & vegetables, Newsteo, precursor in the Internet of Things, has developed a wide range of temperature recorders and traceability solutions.
Placed in refrigerated warehouses, trucks or cold rooms, temperature recorders make it possible to:
-Measure and record the temperature of a place with a large amplitude of measurement
-Transmit information in real time by radio
-Prevent the risk of loss by alerts if the temperature threshold is exceeded
-Make sure to work in accordance with good distribution practices, HACCP
             Norbert Weihrauch, Newsteo Germany Country Manager concludes: "The adoption of the Newsteo solution, based on the LOM56 radio temperature loggers and measurements accessible from anywhere in the Cloud, is the guarantee of a fast ROI. Our customers protect and sometimes save valuable goods with the alerts they receive. "
             Fruit and vegetable professionals have a complete range for temperature and humidity monitoring:
-disposable USB temperature recorder, from 18 EUR per piece
-reusable USB temperature recorder
-wireless sensor networks with automatic supervision in the cloud
For more information :


Lee Hamilton-Cooper

Country manager UK & IE

Direct line : +44 (0)203 445 5279

Cellphone: +44 (0)7968 528853




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