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Sierra Leone 04/09/2019

$ 40 million investment in pineapple production and processing in Sierra Leone

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The important Japanese trading company Itochu Corp. announced that it has established a subsidiary for the cultivation and processing of pineapple in Sierra Leone. The investment for the first phase of this development will reach 40 million USD.
Itochu Corp. already operates a pineapple processing business in the Philippines and Thailand, but the company has decided to move to Africa, closer to Europe, to spread risks such as bad weather.
The amount of investment for this 1st phase of development in Sierra Leone will reach 40 million USD. The new unit, Sierra Tropical Ltd., created through Dole Asia Holdings, a subsidiary of the trading company, is expected to offer more than 3,000 jobs and start exporting in fiscal year 2021.
The pineapple farm and processing plant will be located in Bo District, in the southern part of the country, where Sierra Tropical Ltd. is located. will condition the fruits for export to Europe, Canada and the United States.




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Itachu Corp. decided to settle in Africa to export its products more easily to Europe, Canada and the United States (Photo: itochu co jp).
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