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USA 06/09/2019

Live from Asia Fruit Logistica: Macro Plastics, reusable, durable and recyclable bins for safe and harmless product transportation

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Macro Plastics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of reusable bins and bins created for the agricultural industry. For more than 20 years, the company has been offering innovative, reliable and cost-effective supply chain packaging for both harvesting and food processing applications.
Macro Plastics reusable packaging is durable, recyclable and designed to enhance environmental impact. Macro Plastics products are top quality, providing better protection and reducing waste. The bins are made of 'food grade' approved materials that provide superior hygiene and meet HACCP cleanliness standards.
Macro Plastics has already sold more than 6 million agricultural bulk bins, offering a wide range of products, ventilated and solid, designed and adapted to all sectors:
.MacroBin® - Agriculture
.ProBin ™ - Food Processing
.ShuttleBin ™ - Retail
.IsoBin ™ - Industrial
.Hybride ™ - Shipping.
The design team is constantly seeking innovation to design new solutions for agricultural packaging. The latest innovation is the new range of hybrid bins. These revolutionary nesting boxes maximize shipping efficiency and protect products from damage during transport. Thanks to this new range, Macro Plastics has joined the prestigious Food Logistics list of the 'Top Green Providers 2019'.

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Macro Plastics presents its wide range of products, designed and adapted for each sector (Agriculture, shipping, processing ...).
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