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ADAS will analyze cannabis market for GLOBALG.A.P.

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GLOBALG.A.P. has chosen ADAS to evaluate the interest in a responsible agriculture standard for the cannabis sector.

The project, which began in January 2020, seeks to review regulatory frameworks that regulate the use of cannabis in key countries around the world and across four key areas: cannabidiol production and consumption; recreational cannabis use; medicinal cannabis use; and cannabis use in seed and fibers production that can be used for bioplastic applications.

Cannabis has been a highly controversial plant for many years but the legislative framework is changing; with recreational use legalized in countries like Canada and regulations allowing increased use of medicinal products in countries like the UK. Cannabidiol is a booming product for health and wellbeing market in many countries. Cannabis can no longer be ignored or treated as an illicit substance alone-although it is a challenge to stay on top of the legislation on how to grow and use it in countries around the world.

GLOBALG.A.P. is working with stakeholders to consider developing a standard specifically aimed at agricultural producer level of the cannabis sector. To help support research and investigation into the potential uses and benefits of a standard, GLOBALG.A.P. has chosen ADAS to take a lead on market analysis.

Check more details at GLOBALG.A.P.’s website.


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