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Ethiopia 27/08/2020

Partnership between Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Netherlands for a logistics corridor and the development of fruit exports

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Last week was sent the first export of Ethiopian products destined to reach Europe via Djibouti.
The Ethiopia / Djibouti / Netherlands logistics corridor is now active. This project is led by the Flying Swans Consortium, a Dutch inter-professional organization, which aims to increase exports of perishable products in emerging economies through the development of logistics corridors.
On August 22, the first refrigerated container carrying 24 tonnes of Ethiopian avocados was loaded onto a train to Djibouti. Then the fruits will reach Europe by sea.
"The development of a national cold logistics network is a strategic and vital project for many economic activities in Ethiopia," said Dagmawit Moges, Minister of Transport.



source : borkena com, flyingswans nl





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Ethiopian fruits and vegetables are transported by train to the port of Djibouti and then by sea to Europe (Image: flying swans; NL)
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