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New Zealand 05/07/2021

New perspective on Gold3 kiwifruit plantations in China

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The spread of Zespri's unlicensed Gold3 kiwifruit plantations in China threatens a major export source for New Zealand growers. After several attempts to agree on some 5,400 hectares of unlicensed kiwifruit in China, Zespri decided to work with the New Zealand and Chinese sectors on an alternative approach to these unlicensed plantings.
For months Zespri had been seeking an agreement to appropriate part of the some 5,400 hectares of unlicensed kiwifruit cultivated in China. But its enforcement requests for its intellectual property were unsuccessful. Then Zespri wanted to find an agreement to pay Chinese producers for their SunGold.
To achieve this, Zespri needed 75% support from New Zealand producers for this proposal. The consultation showed that only 70.5% of growers supported the resolution to conduct a one-year trial to monitor plantings, supply as well as sales and marketing in China. The trial was to involve the purchase of 200,000 SunGold trays from Chinese producers without a license.
The resolution was not passed but Dan Mathieson, CEO of Zespri, agrees the problem is difficult but it was the best option to learn more about unauthorized planting, including the potential impact on the brand. and its sales channels. "We will continue to explore the options and examine the issue in order to find an alternative solution," concluded Mr. Mathieson.
According to Mr Mathieson, China is an important market for Zespri, since 20% of New Zealand kiwis are sold there. Zespri will continue its R&D partnerships and continue its expansion efforts beyond the 50 cities where the brand currently sells in China.
source : zespri com,
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New Zealand growers did not support Zespri's proposed trial to buy part of their Gold kiwifruit from unauthorized plantations from Chinese growers (Photo: zespri com).
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