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England 21/10/2021

The red flesh apple season has started in the UK, France and Switzerland

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The 2nd year of sales of red-fleshed apples for the European partners of the IFORED project begins with the 'Yellow' and 'Orange' varieties. The weather conditions in the summer of 2021 resulted in increased development of flesh color. The quality of the fruits is high.
Kissabel® Orange and Kissabel® Jaune are 2 varieties of apples with colored flesh offered in Europe by the partners of the Ifored project. Kissabel® Orange has orange / pink skin pigmentation, dark pink flesh and a fresh and savory flavor, Kissabel® Yellow has yellow skin, pink flesh and a balanced taste.
The season started with the first harvest of the 'Yellow' and 'Orange' varieties in the second half of September. Switzerland, France and the UK experienced similar weather conditions this summer, with low rainfall and cooler temperatures, which resulted in increased flesh color development. If the size of the apples is a little smaller this year, the quality of the fruit is high.
In the United Kingdom, the Kissabel® Orange harvest started in the second half of September, the Kissabel® Yellow harvest at the beginning of October. “We have started harvesting the Yellow Kissabel® and the coloring is exceptional,” said Hannah Martin, Sales Director at Worldwide Fruit. 'We are again ready to offer Kissabel® apples to all of our customers and distributors in the UK "commented Anna Coxe, Head of Technical and Quality at Greenyard.
In France, expectations are high for the new Kissabel® season. "The apples have developed a more intense color and the production, in terms of quantity, is excellent, with a forecast of around 600 tonnes in total" said Marc Peyres, Export Sales Manager at Blue Whale. Adding "Our customers react wonderfully to Kissabel® apples".
Kissabel® is the brand that identifies the different varieties of apples with colored flesh - from pink to dark red - developed by the IFORED project, an international partnership involving 14 of the largest production and marketing companies in the world.
source : kissabel
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Innovative and very attractive to consumers, the Kissabel® Jaune apple: its skin is yellow but its flesh is pink.
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