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Luxemburg 21/10/2021

Grosbusch SA, when family-business builds excellence in every aspect

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Grosbusch is a well-known fruit/veg importer in Luxemburg and in the Greater region (Belgium, France, Germany). Located in the heart of Europe, Grosbusch imports fresh produce from all over the world and distribute them within a 300 km area around Luxembourg, the greater region that includes France, Germany and Belgium. met Mrs Lynn Grosbusch and Mr Goy Grosbusch, the 4th generation of entrepreneurs of this family-business established in 1917 by Jean-Pierre Grosbusch.


Tradition and Innovation


I have always a special feeling and respect for family businesses. It represents great values as hard work, long-term investment, high sense of respect to team members. Grosbusch represents all this, plus a great innovation spirit!


Located just 10’ from Luxemburg airport, the company operations consist in an 18.000 m² ultra-modern warehouse, built in 2017. The family business sells mixed pallets of fruits and vegetables by air worldwide and by trucks to Europe. Today, Grosbusch's customer list counts over 2500 clients: collectivities, restaurants, cafes, schools, supermarkets, etc. and reaches a turnover of 60 million euros (US$ 70 millions) with 250 employees.


The main service offered by the company is Import and Distribution, with 30.000 tons imported by year.

The second service is Pre-pack a service on-demand with personalized products under their own brand Grosbusch. 1.300.000 trays have been sold in 2020.


25% of volumes sold under Grosbusch brand


About 25% of volumes are sold under the Grosbusch brand with a high-quality standard. GlobalG.A.P. and GRASP are essential certifications for the Grosbusch brand which prove its commitment to not only socially responsible production, but also the quality. 


“We strive that the Grosbusch brand stands for taste and quality for a fair price. We think if the customer tries something and he likes the taste, even if it might be 20% more expensive than the average product, he will come back and buy our product again. For instance, in the 4th range category, we don’t use any gas, juice or sugar, it is 100% natural and the shelf life is up to 5 days for these products.”, comments Goy Grosbusch, General Director.


“We offer conventional and organic packaging. With our 100% carton packaging and compostable nets we are trying to be on the top level of ecological packaging solutions”, continues the Director.


Fruit delivered to office


Fruit@Officeservice has been launched in 2008, with the objective to provide office workers with healthy snack options. 

“We saw that at the working places a lot of people couldn’t eat healthy products, they were eating chocolate bars, chips, coke, etc. So, we thought it would be great for the CEOs of the companies to have a possibility to buy the boxes and give it for free to the employees, so they could take advantage of healthy food. We have different solutions for that: conventional, organic, and premium fruit and veg packs”, continues the Director.


“We sold 95.000 boxes in 2019, and when the pandemic was announced we lost 70% in 2 days, because all the offices have closed. As a result, we had to reinvent ourselves. By that time, we already had boxes, fruits, logistics, we set up a website with online payment, and we started delivering products to people’s homes. We developed this project in 3 days, and our first order was 1500 boxes. Then we launched Grosbusch Drive, so people could come here and pick up the products themselves. People still use this service but not as much as in the beginning of lockdown”, explains Grosbusch. 


The Fresh’ Cut section started developing in 2010, and today Grosbusch has 30 employees cutting fruit and vegetables every day in its modern facility. Not less than 1.000 tons are cut every year. These packs are offered to the supermarkets and the HoReCa channel. 


Always in search of Innovation, Grosbusch launched the Dried Fruit and Nuts project in the beginning of 2021. It includes 40 varieties of conventional and 30 varieties of organic products: extra-class almonds, walnuts of big calibers and great taste; dried melons, strawberries, papayas, mangoes, ginger, etc. wrapped in transparent, compostable, and recyclable PLA packaging. 


Within the framework of the Grosbusch Zummo project, the company offers fresh juices produced with the high-quality Zummo machines. These citrus fruit and pomegranate juices are commercialized in supermarkets, schools, gas stations, canteens, etc. 


Aside from the already mentioned excellent products and services, Grosbusch develops niche projects to satisfy the needs of its most tempted customers. 


In December 2020, the company launched : a truffle delivery with a minimum order for 100 euros (US$ 115) : a luxe service which lasted one month due to the seasonality of the product. “We delivered it in nicely presented boxes with mandolins inside, complemented with some ideas on how to stock the truffle, and how to prepare it. It was a huge success last year, and we are quite optimistic for the upcoming season”, reveals the Manager.


Education and professional Trainings


Last but not least, Grosbusch Academy, is another exclusive project developed by the company, which arose with the mission to educate and certify professionals of the fruit and veg industry: chefs, pastry chefs, and bakers. Grosbusch Kids is a brilliant idea about education of the youngest. Every week the company invites a class of kids to educate them on benefits of eating fruit and veg. A dedicated area has been organized in the Grosbusch warehouse with games and entertainment. 

This illustrates the personal involvement from Lynn and Goy in the local community together with their clear vision and strategy.

Grosbusch is already preparing the 5th generation of customers...

What a pleasure to meet such dynamic entrepreneurs! What a great example for the industry.


written by Christophe DURRIEU,





Grosbusch SA in few figures:

Established in 1917

Turnover : 60 Million € (US $70 Million)

18.000 m² operations warehouse

2.500 customers: retail, catering, wholesalers...

250+ employees

1 webshop

772 suppliers worldwide

50+ trucks

Grosbusch is hiring: Production Agent needed. See the job profile here


To learn more about Grosbusch, see the webpage








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Mrs. Lynn Grosbusch and Mr. Goy Grosbusch, 4th generation in family business Grosbusch SA
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