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Moldova 16/06/2022

EU plans to improve market access for 7 Moldovan products

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The European Commission has just proposed to double the quantity of 7 products that can be imported duty-free from Moldova to the EU.
This bill would double, for a period of one year, the duty-free quotas for 7 Moldovan products which are still subject to tariff quotas when entering the EU: plums, table grapes , apples, cherries, tomatoes, garlic and grape juice.
According to Moldovan professionals, this proposal will have a positive effect mainly on exports of plums and table grapes, whose quotas in 2021 were 15,000 tonnes and 20,000 tonnes respectively. For apples, the previous quota of 40,000 tonnes had not been reached and Moldovan production of tomatoes and garlic is unable to meet national demand.
This bill must now be examined and approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.
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This change in tariff-free quotas should have a positive effect on Moldovan exports of plums, table grapes and apples (Photo:
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