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India 28/07/2022

Pineapple may help treat Alzheimer's disease

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An enzyme from the pineapple stem may improve symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, according to a recent Indian study.
A study was conducted by researchers at LPU (Lovely Professional University) in Phagwara, Punjab (India). Published in the journal NeuroToxicology, the study found that bromelain, an enzyme found in the stem of pineapple, could improve behavioral symptoms related to Alzheimer's disease in mice.
"All of these results suggest the possible potential of bromelain for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease," said Navneet Khurana, professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Science, LPU.
"It can be converted into a pharmaceutical formulation. Consumption of this biomolecule in the form of juice may help patients with Alzheimer's disease to improve their condition, but more studies are needed in this direction to justify its clinical use" .
"This beneficial effect of bromelain was not known before," said Navneet Khurana.
Bromelain is an enzyme that has already been the subject of much research in the laboratory. It is mainly used as a food supplement with several therapeutic applications (heart, digestive system, immune system, joint pain, healing) but it is also used in industry (meat processing, fruit preservation).
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Extracted from the pineapple stem, bromelain already has several therapeutic applications(Photo:
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