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Europe could miss more than 2 million drivers by 2026

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If nothing is put in place by the authorities, the shortage of truck drivers will continue to worsen in Europe while trucks transport 75% of European freight by volume and 85% of perishable goods.
An IRU (International Road Transport Union) report reveals that shortages of drivers (trucks, buses, coaches) in Europe are becoming very serious. The situation is worsening due to the increased demand for transportation that comes as the driver population ages. The report estimates that between the number of retirements and the number of new drivers, the vacancy rate for truck drivers will climb to more than 60% by 2026.
Europe could be short of more than 2 million drivers by 2026, affecting half of all freight movements.
To prevent the shortage from getting worse, the report recommends that the public authorities take measures to facilitate access to the profession for young people (reduction of the minimum age, subsidy of licensing and training costs, etc.) and women. Public and private sectors need to work together, says report which showcases 20 solutions implemented by road transport associations as well as shippers and businesses
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Europe could be short of more than 2 million drivers by 2026, which would affect half of all freight movements (Photo:
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