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Turkiye 26/07/2014

Competition between China and Turkey for Garlic

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Competition between China and Turkey for Garlic


China is taking over Turkish domestic garlic market.


While the Turkish domestic garlic production, amounting 80.000 tons per year, is enough to meet Turkish garlic needs, most of them are met by garlic imports from China. In the last 10 years, 92% of  28,83 thousand tons of dry and processed garlic imports come from China. But this time, garlic with “Made in China” labels is sold to consumers as if it was a special Turkish variety (Tasköprü) garlic.


“Tasköprü garlic” producers fend for themselves against China.


After weakening against cheap Chinese garlic, Tasköprü garlic producers collect signatures. Paying attention to their claims, the Ministry of Agriculture steps in to find a solution to the subject. At last, the Ministry of Customs and Trade puts a 2 dollar customs duty per kg and 2000 dollar customs duty per ton to be applied from June on.


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