15/07/2019 | France

The volume of French peach production revised downwards

Following climatic vagaries in the regions of eastern France, the volume of peach production is revised downwards.
According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, French production of peaches, nectarines, brugnons and pavies is expected to reach 203 000 tonnes. This level of production would be 11% higher than last year but lower than the 2014-2018 average (-4%).
The 2019 production is the second lowest production in five years, with 106 600 tonnes of peaches and 91 400 tonnes of nectarines and brugnons. The areas in production represent 9,000 hectares, an evolution of -1% over 1 year and -6% over 5 years.


source : agreste.agriculture.gouv.fr

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