22/09/2021 | Kenya

Pakistan, new destination for Kenyan mangoes

Kenya and Pakistan are finalizing an agreement to ship Kenyan mangoes to Pakistan. Pakistan produces mangoes for only 3 months while Kenya can produce all year round.
In less than a month, mangoes from Kenya can be exported to Pakistan, according to Mr. Theophilus Mutui, Managing Director Kephis (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service). Negotiations between the 2 countries started in 2016, now a Memorandum of Understanding is about to be approved, and Kenyan mango exports to Pakistan can begin.
These exports to Pakistan would be an opportunity for the mango sector which had limited access to markets, especially the European market after the cessation of exports in 2014 due to the high number of fruit flies. But the efforts undertaken have made it possible to delimit a zone free of parasites which ensures an improvement in the quality of the fruits.
Kenya can supply mangoes all year round while Pakistan produces mangoes only 3 months per year. The low production season in Pakistan is expected to result in a strong demand for Kenyan mangoes.
source : businessdailyafrica.com, kbc.co.ke, scienceafrica.co.ke
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