09/06/2022 | Poland

Innovative concept to address main fruit grading problems

The AirJet®  Blueberry Grader created by Australian company, GP Graders, was designed to meet the increasing demands of clients in a developing industry. Utilizing an advanced approach to singulation the system enables proper placement of blueberries onto conveyor where they are thoroughly sorted thanks to live feedback from gpVision™ cameras. 


The sorting system is composed of a set of 3 Full HD cameras per lane: color, shrivel, and near infrared (NIR) cameras. The grader takes 30 images of each fruits’ surface, which guarantees a precise inspection from all angles of each berry. Using the available images, the software sorts berries according to their size, defects, firmness, color, along with internal and external defects. The remarkable feature of the system is that it allows the user to find and reject 100% of shrivel and dehydrated fruit. 


The software was developed by operators for operators, therefore it’s very easy to use. With the help of the new simple user interface (GUI) the operator can understand and work with the system in a few hours. Moreover, to be ahead of the market this software is able to define new defects that may arise each season due changing climate and growing conditions. Hence the open construction of the software allows it to adjust to different defects and quality as well as enabling it to sort fruits according to specific client’s needs.


The AirJet® Blueberry Grader is created according to tight sanitation and hygiene standards. Its design is robust, but at the same time the machine is easy to be washed due to its tubular construction and lack of flat surfaces on it. 


The AirJet® Blueberry Grader  was developed by GP Graders in Australia. They have been creating graders for cherries and blueberries for many years in Europe, North America, and Chile.

Milbor PMC is the exclusive distributor of the AirJet® blueberry grader in Europe. The company provides and implements fine technology solutions as well as after-sales assistance in terms of service and responsiveness. Their service is available 24/7.



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