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Saudi Arabia 17/01/2012

Saudi Arabia to stop vegetable exports

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In order to preserve its water resources, Saudi Arabia will ban the export of open air agricultural production including potatoes and other vegetables.

The export ban will come into force on September 17, announced the Department of Agriculture. The new directive follows an earlier decision to lower domestic production of wheat by 12.5% per year to maintain water supply. Saudi Arabia will import all of the wheat for its consumption in 2016.

After reductions in wheat production come the end of exports for open air agricultural products. The main product hit is potato, which was exported to the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar.

The annual crop production reached 2.5 million tons in 2010. Tomato production totaled 492,000 tons, potatoes 399,000 tons for a total cultivated area of 10,800 hectares.

source : arab news com

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To safeguard its water resources, Saudi Arabia will stop the export of vegetables.
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