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Nepal 03/12/2018

In Nepal fresh fruit imports rose by 59%

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The increase in value is considerable for Nepalese fresh fruit imports which have just recorded a spectacular 59.91% increase. Professionals explain this progression by combining a slowdown in local production and rising demand.
According to Customs Department statistics, Nepal imported fresh fruits worth NPR 7.58 billion (US $ 67.8 million) in the first three months of the current fiscal year. This is an increase of 59.91% compared to NPR 4.74 billion (42.4 million USD) in the same period last year.
Apple, banana, pineapple, fig, guava, mango, orange, grapes and kiwi make up most fresh fruit imports. Nepal receives apples from China, India, New Zealand and the United States. Banana, orange, grapes, pomegranate and mango are mainly imported from India.
According to professionals, the change in lifestyle and awareness of better health have led Nepalis to increase their demand for fresh fruit. This demand is expected to continue to grow by approximately 10% each year.

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Nepal imports more and more fresh fruits (photo: Katmandu Post)
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