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An overview of grape season and prices in India and worldwide

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Usually farmers start to harvest and export grapes in India approximately in the end of December. Cold weather at the beginning of this season caused a short delay. “Due to cool weather sugar levels in grapes were not enough and grapes ripened around 10 days later this season than average. Grapes we usually harvest and export on week 52, this year we start on week 2”, - shares Samir Singh, Director of Mersel Foods Private Limited, company growing, packing, exporting grapes from India for more than 6 years. “But generally weather conditions were good therefore this year we expect bigger volumes of grapes with better qualities”.

Mr. Singh explains that official export season for Indian grapes to Europe starts around end of January, when South African season is slowed down. But this year Mersel Foods Private Limited is already starting to deliver white seedless grapes to their customers.

“We are a grower of grapes, and also export pomegranates and corn in vacuum pack, we do post-harvest-handling of grapes in our certified pack houses, located in Nashik close to the farms. We are also an official exporter and importer in Rotterdam, where we have a warehouse since 2017, deal with custom clearance and all paper work. Our customers are wholesalers, retailers in Europe, Russia, who prefer to work directly with growers”.

As for prices for this grape season Samir Singh forecasts that prices will be lower than those of the last year, because Peru, Brazil and South Africa grape volumes were good this year also. So they have already delivered a lot of fruits to Europe and worldwide. Nevertheless, there will be always demand for good quality grapes from India.

Mersel Foods will have Thompson, Flame, Sharad Black and Jumbo Black Seedless grapes available in Rotterdam till end of May; pomegranate – till end of April; corn in vacuum pack – year round. The company’s head office is located in India (Nashik, Maharashtra State), its sales offices are situated in Europe (Riga, Latvia) and Russia (Moscow).

For more information or to order grapes, pomegranate, corn contact:
Mersel Foods Private Ltd
+371 25810957
+371 29516075

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Photo by Mersel Foods Private Ltd
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