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China 10/09/2019

New success for Guangzhou International Fruit Expo announcing its dates for 2020

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The 2019 edition of Guangzhou International Fruit Expo was a new success with more than 20,000 visitors welcomed during the 3 days of the event. The 2020 dates are now known.
China Guangzhou International Fruit Expo is held annually in Guangzhou, China. It is the one and only fair organized specifically for the fruit industry in southern China. The range of products ranges from fresh fruits and processed fruits, including fruit processing equipment and technologies, the cold chain and logistics, handling and post-harvest processing, to sales and related technologies.
In total, for this 2019 edition (27-28-29 June) the fair brought together 166 exhibitors and welcomed more than 20,000 visitors. The fair has hosted 10 international Pavilions, 5 more than the previous year, with 47 international exhibitors who have occupied 30% of the exhibition space.
According to the analyzes, for this fair in 2019 the Fresh Fruits sector accounted for 62% of the exhibitors, the Cold Chain / Processing / Packaging sector 12%, the Transformation sector 10%, the Retail chain / Retail sales sector 7%, the Seeds and Crop sector 3%, Post-harvest sector 3% and 3% for other sectors and services.
The next edition of Guangzhou International Fruit Expo will take place from Thursday, July 16 to Saturday, July 18, 2020 in Guangzhou (China).



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Visitors are numerous and the presence of international exhibitors is always more important.
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