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Ecuador 12/09/2019

Slow sales of bananas

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Ecuador leads world exports of bananas, but sales growth is slowing. According to Acorbanec's data (Asociación de Comercialización y Exportación de Banano) during the first 7 months of the year, the country exported 213.07 million boxes, or 2.31% more compared to the same period in 2018 .
But this rate hides a slowdown in sales because last year at the same time, banana sales rose by 5.54% and a year earlier by 3.60%.
The decline in growth in 2019 is due to the reduction of purchases of important markets (EU, Russia, South America ...) but also to the contraction of a part of the production in the areas affected by bad weather conditions (cold, floods).
Regarding the destinations of the 213.07 million cartons exported, the EU received 29.44% Russia 20.85%, the Middle East 14.17%, the United States 10.93%, Asia 8 , 52% and South America 6.11%.


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A decline in production and a contraction in demand in some markets led to a slowdown in sales growth.
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