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Italy 07/02/2020

Live from Fruit Logistica: 2019? 12 months of work and 12 months of results for UNITEC technologies users

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UNITEC technologies have generated significant results for fruit and vegetable plants around the world. 2019 could be summed up as "12 months of work, 12 months of results". Fruit Logistica 2020 is an opportunity for the UNITEC Group to take stock of the results that last year its technologies guaranteed to fruit and vegetable plants around the world.
“The results of UNITEC are the results of its customers. - declared President Angelo Benedetti on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of UNITEC, celebrated in September 2019 - At UNITEC we are on the same side as our Clients, we are part of the same team. If we win, we all win! ”
The Fruit Logistica fair allows you to see the UNITEC and Unisorting technologies live, presented on the stand of Group Hall 4.1 Stand A-02/05, for the selection and classification of the external and internal quality of the fruits to which they are dedicated:
- Cherry Vision 3.0, able, also thanks to its very high resolution cameras, to see each cherry in its entirety, even in its most hidden parts and to classify its quality with unprecedented reliability and according to a multiplicity of parameters;
- Blueberry Vision 3, the last frontier in the field of blueberry quality classification, able to visualize 100% of the fruit, which combines maximum productivity and delicacy;
- Plum Vision 3, able to detect the characteristics of plums with great precision, ensuring a consistent quality product over time;
- Kiwi Vision 3, the technology for the classification of the quality of all types of kiwi, with green and yellow pulp, which is characterized by an extreme delicacy and makes it possible to preserve all the precious characteristics of the fruit,
- Pears Sort 3, the technology able, thanks to its ability to see the pear in 360 degrees, to classify these fruits with extreme reliability and to create classes of pears characterized by a high level of qualitative homogeneity in each delivery and from one delivery to another;
- Apples Sort 3, the system that allows apples to be distributed according to conservation and distribution requirements in the various destination markets;
- Sort 3 dates, able to visualize 100% of the surface of each date, in order to guarantee maximum reliability and precision in the classification of these fruits.
The result of continuous Research and Development work carried out within the company, are the real protagonists of the Group's participation in the fair. The UNITEC Group continues to innovate constantly, with the aim of helping its customers to reduce labor costs, to enhance their product as only UNITEC technologies allow. By obtaining a Consistent Quality over time, the only real guarantee of customer loyalty.
"We are participating in the Fruit Logistica 2020 Fair - said Angelo Benedetti, President of the UNITEC Group - with all the passion and confidence that have always distinguished us. Confidence in technology, in innovation, in the simple fact that only by working on a daily basis without ever sparing ourselves, by giving the maximum and by striving for excellence, we can guarantee concrete development results to fruit and vegetable plants throughout the world”.





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It is to these important results - obtained thanks to the work and continuous innovation of the UNITEC Group - that the Group's participation in this 2020 edition of Fruit Logistica is dedicated.
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