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Luxemburg 09/11/2020

Grosbusch saves customers' time with home delivery service

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Grosbusch, specialist in importing and distributing fruit and vegetables in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, has launched home delivery service Fruit@Home during the lockdown in March. This service enables people to order different compositions of boxes with fruit and vegetables, which are delivered free throughout Luxembourg.


Goy Grosbusch, Managing Director of the company, shared with Fructidor that they have a broad selection of produce that customers do not always find on the shelves of the supermarkets. “Since we deliver them directly to the homes, they have an outstanding freshness, which customers really like. We try to include as many local products from local farmers in order to support farmers in our country,” he said.


The contents of the boxes changes every week to offer customers a wide choice of seasonal products. It is possible to order a box with only vegetables or only fruits, a box of mixed fruit and vegetables, a box with only organic fruits, as well as a box with only organic vegetables. The company has chosen prepayment by credit card before delivery in order to limit as much as possible any contact between customers and the delivery agent.


According to Goy, Grosbusch is using recyclable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified carton boxes for delivery with a security closing system. Boxes with fruit or vegetables weigh minimum 7kg and should be sufficient for a weekly need for a maximum of four people. Boxes prepared by fruit and vegetable specialists with the strictest hygiene measures. The absence of intermediaries guarantees limited product handling and food safety.


Click here to have a look at their webpage.


In addition, Goy noted the company started dried fruits packing on its plant: "Dried fruits are becoming more and more popular due to their healthy attributes. After having launched our brand, we thought it’d be time to have our own selection of quality dried fruits and healthy mixes, which we are offering as well."


The company packs a standard range such as almonds, walnuts, cashews or peanuts, as well as special produce such as dried melon, dried ginger and dried prunes. In total, the company has a selection around of 40 varieties. The products are very new for the company that is why these present only in Luxembourg for now, but Grosbusch plan on selling them as well abroad.


Grosbusch is a family company imports fresh products from the four corners of Europe and all over the world and distributes them throughout the Greater Region (a geopolitical region within Europe with Luxembourg at its center and including adjacent regions of Belgium, Germany and France). Moreover, the company sells mixed pallets of fruits and vegetables by air worldwide and by trucks to Western and Eastern Europe. Grosbusch has been involved in importing and distributing fruit and vegetables since 1917 and has become a leader in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and throughout the Greater Region.


More information company’s products and services on its website.




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Fruit@Home box with fruit & vagetables by Grosbusch
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