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India 18/10/2021

Tomato shortage drives prices up

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In India in the big cities, the prices of tomatoes register spectacular increases. This increase can be explained by a reduced supply due to the rains which affected the main producing regions.
In India, out of season rains damaged crops in several states (Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Karnataka) which produce a lot of tomatoes. In some regions nearly 60% of the tomato crop is affected and a much smaller volume can be marketed causing prices to rise.
Local media reports that in Kolkata the price of tomato has reached 72 INR (0.96 USD) per kilo, while 1 month ago the price was 38 INR (0.51 USD). In the cities of Delhi and Chennai, tomato prices have risen from INR 30 ($ 0.40) to INR 57 ($ 0.76) per kilo in a matter of weeks.
A harvest is underway in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka. New harvests are expected in about 2 to 3 months and should allow tomato prices to return to normal.
India is the 2nd largest producer of tomatoes after China, with a volume of 19.75 million tonnes according to National Horticultural REsearch and Development Foundation.
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Out of season rains have damaged crops and caused a shortage of tomatoes which is pushing up prices (Photo:
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