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India 10/11/2021

Heavy losses for apple production due to early snowfall

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In the Kashmir region, early snowfall caused severe damages to apple orchards which were still loaded with fruit. According to the growers 40 to 50% of the apple harvest was still on the trees.
The early snowfall, which occurred on October 22 and 23, 2-3 weeks before the normal dates, affected thousands of farmers in the region. Particularly in Pir Panjal, Shopian and Kulgam where producers deplore the loss of 40 to 50% of their harvest which was still on the trees.
Before the snow, the Horticulture department had alerted producers, asking them to speed up the apple harvest. But the farmers were unable to speed up the harvest.
The government of Jammu & Kashmir Territory has started distributing compensation aid to 12,000 farmers in Shopian, the worst affected district. The government calling the phenomenon a "national disaster".
In India, the Jammu & Kashmir region is the main apple production area and accounts for 75% of national production. The state of Himachal Pradesh represents 20% of the national production, the state of Uttarakhand represents 4% of the national production. Smaller areas are also cultivated in the northeastern states, such as Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim.
source :, fas usda
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The snow fell 2-3 weeks early and caused the loss of much of the apple crop (Photo: Qayoom Khan /
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