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Russia 06/01/2022

Potato production lower than expected

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In Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture expected the national potato production to reach 7.15 million tons. According to the latest data the volume produced is much lower.
The Ministry of Agriculture, according to data as of 17 November 2021, estimates the potato harvest at 6.6 million tonnes (6.8 million tonnes in 2020). 
The volume of potatoes harvested is therefore lower than the initial estimate of 7.15 million tonnes. The main reason for the drop in production is the unfavourable weather conditions in several regions of the country, which have affected the volume and quality of the produce. 
Potato prices have trended upwards this season, even at the peak of the harvest (September-October), which has helped Russian producers to be profitable. The government has not cancelled taxes on imports, which has favoured the entry of potatoes from Iran, Belarus, Ukraine and Egypt.
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Russian potato production is expected to total only 6.6 million tonnes, instead of the 7.15 million tonnes originally forecast (Photo:
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