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USA 19/01/2022

New forecasts for Florida citrus production

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The latest forecasts for the 2021-22 crop in Florida indicate a decrease in the production of oranges, mandarins and tangelos. Grapefruit production remains stable.
The USDA Agricultural Statistics Board estimates the Florida orange crop at 44.5 million boxes (90 pounds = 40.8 kgs). This is a decrease of 1.50 million boxes from the December forecast.
The forecast includes 17.5 million boxes (90 pounds = 40.8 kgs) of non-Valencia oranges (early, mid-season and Navel varieties) and 27.0 million boxes of Valencia oranges. 
For mandarins and tangelos, a decrease of 100,000 boxes (95 pounds = 43.09 kg) compared to previous estimates. Production is now estimated at 800,000 boxes, which is -10% compared to the previous season.
For grapefruits, no change from previous estimates. Production is estimated at 4.10 million boxes (85 pounds = 38.55 kg), which is equivalent to the previous season's production. 
See the full forecast HERE
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The crop estimate has been revised downwards for Florida oranges (Photo :
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